This blog chronicles the journey of Philip and Kristin Zhivago, who, after Philip survived head and neck cancer in 2006 (5% survival rate - we were very grateful), set out to have a 48-foot catamaran built in South Africa, and then sailed it home to New England in 2008. Horizon is an Atlantic 48, designed by Chris White.

Philip and Kristin were at sea for two months, sailing 8,000 miles and stopping only once in St Helena, that small island between Africa and South America where Napoleon was exiled. Kristin, a revenue coach, continued to work while at sea thanks to a BGAN (broadband global area network) unit that worked beautifully on Horizon. And yes, they are still happily married. :-)

Kristin is also a writer and blogged almost every day during the trip. This is that story, starting just before they left Cape Town in 40-knot winds and a very bumpy sea.




  Hi. We are currently at S 26 degrees, 32 minutes and E 6 degrees, 36 minutes, still on our way to St Helena. We figure it will end up taking us 11 days to get there, from Cape Town. We are about halfway there. The wind is now holding steady at about 10-15 knots, which […]

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  We are now at S 21 degrees 24 minutes, E 4 degrees 32 minutes. The wind died this afternoon – almost – on the way to St Helena. It’s “blowing” 2 knots. What is amazing is that this boat, with one sail up only, in these light conditions, sails at wind speed! It’s blowing 2.1 […]

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We are about 800 miles from St Helena (S 23 degrees 23 minutes, E 4 degrees 11 minutes). The wind came up today and we were zooming along for a while, but now it’s easing again on a bumpy sea. It’s also pretty squeaky at the moment. The steering system uses stainless cables that connect […]

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Hi there. Another day at sea, another day learning what the boat wants in order for her to zoom along. The wind can get light out here – 5 knots or less – but most of the time it’s 7 to 10 knots. Right now the wind is 9 knots and we’re sailing between 7 […]

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Hi. Life gets pretty simple out here. There’s the boat, the people, the food, the garden, and our work. One thing you do is pay constant attention to what the boat needs, because if the boat get what she needs, you get to where you’re going – as efficiently as possible. You also keep bad […]

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We are currently speeding away from St Helena, which was, as everyone said, “Not to be missed.” What a pleasant place. We anchored – first time we’ve anchored the boat – in the small harbor, after arriving there in the late afternoon. We had to resort to engines the last few miles; the wind just […]

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Position: South 11 degrees, 37 minutes; West 10 degrees, 02 minutes It’s 2:30AM, and we’re riding a wildcat over the ocean. Actually, it’s the ocean that makes it a wild ride. I’d always imagined what it must be like, but being in the middle of it, day after day, I’m finding out for myself. It […]

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