We are now at S 21 degrees 24 minutes, E 4 degrees 32 minutes.

The wind died this afternoon – almost – on the way to¬†St Helena. It’s “blowing” 2 knots. What is amazing is that this boat, with one sail up only, in these light conditions, sails at wind speed! It’s blowing 2.1 knots right now and the boat is going 2.1 knots. It’s midnight, very quiet, just one sail up.

We are eating things as they ripen – tomorrow I start using up the bananas, which all went ripe at once. That will be a culinary challenge! The plants are now outside, on the afterdeck; I think they wanted more air circulation. We’ll see.

We had lots of sail practice today, putting up the big sail, taking it down, putting it up on the other side, taking it down. Plus the main, which is now down, and the jib, which is now up.

2 knots isn’t 11 knots – which is how fast we were going last night – but we are still moving, and in the right direction.

Our best wishes to all,

Philip and Kristin